Aaron's   2571 N Ventura Rd  Port Hueneme,CA93041   (805) 815-3333
2571 N Ventura Rd
Port HuenemeCA 93041
 (805) 815-3333

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Jeanette Porter
Mar 28, 2017

I will buy all my furniture from this company. They treat you like gold. I had to move twice and they were so understanding. The delivery guys are so funny and really make your day. The whole staff is great. I am glad this business exists!

Valentine Lucero
Jul 28, 2016

I got used furniture hopefully it stays looking and feeling good. If there are problems I hope the help solve them to my advantage.

Peter H
Jul 28, 2014

I've seen Aaron's Rent to Own stores for years but never thought they sold furniture only rented but I was pleasantly surprised that they sell new furniture as well as rent to own -unlike the other company that "rents to own" I was looking for a love seat for my apartment and found a nice new one for less than $350. I ordered it and in less than week it was in, unfortunately I didn't have space in my apartment since it was still full of moving boxes so they held the couch for about 10 days as a courtesy, some stores would hesitate doing that but not the good folks at Aaron's in Port Hueneme. When I was ready they delivered it in about an hour. About 2-3 weeks later I noticed that one of the seat cushions didn't quite match the other one but was concerned that it was too late to point that out. Wrong- when I stopped by to show them the owner agreed and said she'd order a new one to try to match the other. In about a week the new one was in but to my surprise she ordered a brand new love seat just to make sure the cushions matched and they did. That's the smart way to do it and that's they way it was done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aaron's especially the Aaron's in Port Hueneme -they do business the old fashion way, with personal attention and at the same time professionally run.

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